Be The Office Hero

Not all heros wear capes

Event organisation – whether it’s part of your job description or something you’ve volunteered to do to earn some extra brownie points, we’ve rounded up a list of tips, tricks and hacks to help you arrange the perfect event, not matter what the occasion.

1.Don’t be shy about asking for help

When it comes to corporate events not matter what the size, it’s always useful to have a few extra pairs of hands to help out. Just because you’ve sought help from a few additional sources doesn’t mean your boss will feel you’re incapable or inefficient. In fact they’ll probably be impressed with your initiative and project management skills! So whether you gather a crack squad committee or rope in the office intern, remember to keep briefs tight with clear deadlines to make sure your event is as smooth and stress free as possible.

2.Do know when and when not to leverage your brand name and company rep

If you work for a well known brand or big business sometimes it’s better to keep shtum when enquiring about venue hire. Greedy venues have been known to hike up the price for big corporates when actually private hire is normally a fraction of the price. To avoid inflated fees an insider tip is to initially enquire as an individual, obtain a quote and the use this as a point of reference when enquiring on behalf of your company. However, sometimes your business can be a big bargaining tool, especially if a venue is new and they want to add an impressive brand to their client list. So think carefully about whether your brand is going to be a hindrance or a help in affecting the price tag of your event.

3.Don’t be afraid to bargain

Let’s be clear, we’re not suggesting that you haggle over every detail but you’ll be surprised just how much you can save on your event if you’re brave enough to bargain. We’ve seen venues waiver booking fees, knock down catering quotes and throw in an extra services, all thanks to a bit of bargaining. Before you begin, we suggest you work out the tools you have in your arsenal and pinpoint the area you want to bargain on. Stay polite, stay strong and save some £s.

4.Do ask friends for freebies and seek sponsors

Not everyone has the luxury of big budgets but that doesn’t mean you can’t host a memorable event. Sponsorship of corporate events is incredibly common. Many businesses are only to willing to be an event sponsor – for them it’s an opportunity for their brand to reach a new audience or be associated with a good cause. If you’re thinking about sponsorship we recommend you have a clear idea of sponsorship opportunities and their associated benefits before you approach a business. What’s your ask and what will you offer in return? Be sure to allow plenty of time to arrange sponsorship – no one likes last minute begging. For those really on a shoestring, considering asking friends (especially those in PR) whether they are able to donate or help out.

5.Do save time by using a venue discovery and booking platform

Finding the perfect space or venue for a work event is an all too familiar conundrum. Thankfully you no longer need to trawl through Google or spend vast amounts of money on events agencies. Venue discovery and booking websites, like VenueScanner, save you time and money by enabling you to easily search, compare, enquire and book venues all in one place.

6.Don’t forget about transportation
It may come as a surprise to you but one of the key factors that impacts whether a guest will attend an event is the ease in which they can get and from it. You may think the promise of a free cocktail bar in a quirky venue will have the RSVPs flooding in (and yes it will) but if it’s not easy to get to you may find you don’t get as many guests on the night. If you’re unable to find a suitable space close to good public transport links, perhaps considering laying on buses or organising a fleet of taxis.

7.Do end the night with some H2O

If you really want to be the office hero then swoop in to the rescue with bottles of water at the end of the night to help your colleagues avoid the dreaded hangover It’s a simple final act that is guaranteed to impress the boss.